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Ag Leader Dealer Training Hits the Road!

by Sep 17, 2015Ag Leader, Training & Support

Dealer training is normally held in Ames, Iowa for dealers to learn about Ag Leader products. In the middle of August, Jordan Recker and I travelled to Louisville, Kentucky to be the trainers at the dealer training event. 

The dealer training was held at the Whayne CAT location in Louisville. The training event was held over a two day period that covered a variety of information about Ag Leader products. Dealers were split into two groups to make training and more personable and student focused. Each group was assigned to a topic to be trained on for the day. The following day they were trained on a different topic. Between the two days, the dealers received training on a large majority of Ag Leaders products.

The two groups covered information on GPS, Guidance and Steering products as well as Hardware products. The groups covered information about our new SteerCommand and GPS 6500/6000 receivers. The training consisted of the new features and capabilities of the SteerCommand controller as well as the GPS 6500/6000 receivers. They were also trained on how to properly troubleshoot these products to ensure optimal performance. The troubleshooting consisted of common problems that happen on vehicle specific machines that the dealers were familiar with.

The groups also covered information pertaining to Hardware. The Hardware section consisted of our displays, harvest products, and liquid control products. They had a chance to practice button presses on the displays as well as learn about harvest components and our new ISO Liquid system. Between the GPS and Hardware topics, the attendees received a variety of good information to give them confidence in supporting the Ag Leader product line.

To enhance the learning experience, Whayne CAT provided multiple machines to perform installs and troubleshoot components on. They provided a Lexion combine, RoGator sprayer and a Challenger tractor.  Dealers got a chance to get hands on with the equipment to better understand how to install and how to troubleshoot each system.

Overall, the training experience was a big success. The dealers left the training feeling more confident in supporting Ag Leader products. Ag Leader hopes to provide more training for dealers by hosting offsite training events!