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Ag Leader Hardware Dictionary

by Oct 23, 2012Training & Support

In Hardware Tech Support, we sometimes throw around terms that may be a bit foreign to you. I'm here to help you brush up on your precision farming terminology and assist you in knowing more about your system.

Here are some words and phrases that may have had you scratching your forehead lately.

DC motor driver Allows us to control Raven Crop Start fertilizer pump on planters for fertilizer application.

Pressure sensor Digital sensor required for pressure readout on the display. Ag Leader, Dickey John and Raven sensors are currently supported.

Down force Using hydraulic linear actuators, down force keeps the row unit at a constant planting depth despite soil variability.

Potentiometer Measures voltages by comparisons used for measuring movement.  Used on combines for area counting when they do not have OEM header height sensors.

VERSA Ag Leader’s newest display. Released in February 2012 as our new entry-level display, it features an 8.4 inch touch screen and many features to be customized for year-round operation.

.agdata Ag Leader data logging file type for the Ag Leader® Integra/Versa displays versions 3.0+. Replaces the .ilf (Ag Leader Integra log file) extension. Also includes .pat (pattern files) as patterns created during operation are also exported in .agdata files.

.agsetup Ag Leader management file type for Ag Leader Integra/Versa displays versions 3.0+, allows for full setup and synchronization of the display. Encompasses .iby (Ag Leader Integra boundary file), .pat (pattern file), .irx (Ag Leader Integra prescription) but replaces .msf (management setup file) and .ref (reference file) extensions.  

InSight Full featured predecessor to the Ag Leader Integra display produced from 2004 to 2011. Featuring a 10.4 inch color touch screen display and a range of abilities from AutoSwath to Trimble AutoPilot interface.

Bin level sensor Sensor that alerts the operator when the container is empty. Supported sensor brands include Ag Leader, Raven, Mid-tech and Dickey John.

Seed tube sensor A photoelectric sensor which detects the seed as it passes through a light beam.  For STMM, supported seed tube sensors include Ag Leader, Dickey John standard and high rate, Case Early Riser, John Deere Accu-Count and Kinze dual boot sensors.

Auxiliary input Switch input to operate shutoff sections and/or controllers manually. Options include switchboxes, remote master switches, teeing into OEM switches and foot pedals.

Switch Mapping Assigns functions to the auxiliary input switches. Duties include controller on/off or manual section control.

ISOBUS An International standardized communication protocol that allows agricultural equipment to share a common language. Used for machinery monitoring.

Implement Switch Used on planters, anhydrous applicators, strip-till carts and others for a means of area count and logging. Can be configured for normally on and normally off to best suite the implement.

Compact Flash Card Flat 50pin connector card roughly 1.5’’ by 2’’. Used by the InSight, EDGE and PF computer card adapters. The InSight and EDGE will take cards from 64MB to 512MB in size. The PF adapter card should be 32MB in size to prevent the display locking up when writing to the card.

SRAM or PCMCIA Card Flat 68 pin card roughly the dimensions of a credit card. Used by the YM 2000, recommended size is .5KB to 4MB. Also called an S-RAM card, they feature an internal battery for backup.  

PC or ATA Flash card Flat 68 pin card with the rough dimensions of a credit card. Used by the PF3000, PFPro and PFadvantage displays, 32MB is the maximum size recommended.    

For more terms, we also have the”>Customer Support Glossary.