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Ag Leader is committed to quality

by Jan 17, 2017Ag Leader

Ag Leader has always been committed to quality and service. We understand that when it’s time to farm there’s no excuse to keep you from getting seeds in the ground or grain in the bin.

Product Quality

Ag Leader goes to great lengths to continuously improve product quality. In fact, since 2010 the Manufacturing Quality Metric (our rediculously stringent internal measure of the errors made during the manufacturing process) has been cut in half… TWICE! This translates to much greater reliability in the field, where it counts the most.

In 2010 Ag Leader hired our full-time manufacturing quality and improvement manager, Tim Gaul. Tim was Ag Leader’s outside Lean Manufacturing consultant for years before joining our team full-time. At that time, we took the initiative to become ISO 9001 certified. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, essentially ISO 9001 certification means that an outside review team looks at your organization’s quality processes to make sure they meet the International Standard, ISO 9001. This involves the whole organization – from design to manufacturing to purchasing to tech support to sales and onward.

And recently, we became one of the first manufacturers to be certified to the latest version of the standard, ISO9001:2015. This review process, which ended just last fall, featured the most recent criteria and was the most detailed investigation of our operation yet. Ag Leader cooperatively participated and became ISO9001:2015 certified right before Christmas break.

Service after the sale

Talking to the service aspect, our Repairs department does an excellent job providing quick, cost effective and thorough repair in the off-chance something was to go wrong. We repair just about everything we ever sold, dating all the way back to 1992 with the YM2000! They can even send you a replacement unit, free of charge, to keep you up and running during the repair period.

These are ways Ag Leader works to fulfill our vision – which is to be the world-class supplier of choice in the Precision Ag market by exceeding customer expectations in technology, quality and service.

Below are some pictures of our production floor: