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Ag Leader Launches New Insights Magazine

by Feb 28, 2012News & Announcements

AMES, IOWA, February 28, 2012 – Ag Leader Technology would like to announce the launch of Insights magazine, a new precision farming publication produced by the Ag Leader team. The debut issue of the quarterly magazine reached a circulation of more than 20,000 readers this month, primarily targeting growers and precision farming industry professionals who are looking to get more out of their precision farming tools and to learn about the latest technologies.

Contents of the magazine include wisdom from renowned agronomists, showcasing how precision farming technology can and will be used to overcome new challenges caused by changing weather patterns and growing conditions. Profiles of growers explore the innovative ways precision farming technology is being used around the country to reduce waste, increase yields and bolster profits. Additional content takes readers behind the scenes of Ag Leader, where they will learn how to get more value from Ag Leader products and learn about the benefits and features of new precision farming tools coming soon.

“The landscape of precision farming technology is changing rapidly, to the point growers can blink and suddenly feel like they’re falling behind the times,” said Al Myers, president and founder of Ag Leader Technology. “We felt a precision farming magazine was a good way to give growers something they can sit down with every few months and find out what’s been happening in the industry and what will happen next. Educating and providing valuable information to our readers is the main goal of Insights magazine.”

Those interested in signing up for a free subscription to Insights magazine are encouraged to visit: The A.g Leader team will be on the constant lookout for interesting story angles, profile subjects and precision farming information, so please email your story tips to, subject line: Insights Tip.

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