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Ag Leader Machine Guidance Support Uses Remote Diagnostics Capabilities to Keep Farmers Rolling

by May 17, 2012Guidance & Steering, Training & Support

For any type of market in today’s economy, time is money. Agriculture is definitely no exception.  Lost time is lost money. Ag Leader Technology is always implementingnew tools and resources to prevent lost time.


Through remote diagnostics, users have the ability to tune the machine, monitor GPS performance, view firmware versions, and view other important information.

One such tool available is Remote Diagnostics for users of the ParaDyme system. Through this powerful tool, Ag Leader dealers and tech support alike, can view settings, current GPS status, and steering performance. Not only does this feature allow diagnosis of the problem, but corrective adjustments can be applied. All of this can be done from any computer with an internet connection. This technology allows producers to keep rolling in the field with the help of their dealer or Ag Leader tech support.

Users will have the ability to access the AutoSteer Setup screens, where items can be monitored and adjusted.


GPS signal strength is amongst the most important GPS performance diagnostic items.
Remote Diagnostic capability comes standard on every ParaDyme for a period of 2 years. After that period passes, annual subscriptions can be purchased. The use of this technology can often pay for itself in just one use. If you think your system may be nearing the 2 year mark, contact your Ag Leader dealer. The following is an Ag Leader dealer’s testament to this technology:

“I was out of town at training with no internet access when a customer called me with some urgent correction signal problems.  I didn’t have access to the internet, but I called Ag Leader tech support.  He asked some questions to clarify the problem and then called the customer to find out more information and do some direct troubleshooting.  He made some adjustments to the ParaDyme through the remote diagnostics system and fixed the problem. Without the help of remote diagnostics and Ag Leader’s assistance, I could not have kept the customer running and happy.  The customer had not remembered the remote diagnostics capability of the ParaDyme and was surprised and pleased at the effectiveness and swiftness of the response to his problem.”

Hope Lewis

Precision Farming Specialist

Fairbanks International, A Division of Titan Machinery

Lexington, NE