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Ag Leader Remembers Mark Pearson

by Jun 5, 2012Ag Leader

Farmers and radio go together like a hand and a glove. The reason? The radio accompanies farmers during hot summer days when they are fixing fence and on the long fall nights while they are harvesting corn. They rely on these broadcasters to give them the honest and accurate news about the business they have invested their entire life in. Thus, a trust is formed. So, it comes as no surprise that the recent death of beloved agriculture journalist and radio broadcaster, Mark Pearson, has hit the ag community so hard.

{image1} As you may know, Pearson, a radio and television personality as well as a public speaker and all-around advocate of agriculture, died Sunday of a heart attack at the age of 54. The news of his passing has been a shock to both Ag Leader and our customers.  Many of us have not only listened to him on The Big Show and watched him on Market to Market but have had the opportunity to cross paths with him during our professional careers.

International Marketing Manager, Dave King, said, “Mark was an excellent advocate for the farmer and had a true passion for the industry.  He was a great person to work with and will be sadly missed.”

“I spoke at conferences with Mark on a few different occasions. He certainly had a way keeping an audience’s attention,” added Michael Vos, Software Sales Manager. “He was very skilled at collecting a lot of information and then communicating it into a useful form for farmers and for production agriculture. His boisterous voice will be missed.”

Pearson was a friend of the farmer, of Iowa and of agriculture. He will be missed and remembered by many.