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Ag Leader Teams with Rain & Hail for Training

by Nov 11, 2013Ag Leader, SMS™ Software

Recently the SMS sales team traveled westward with some members of Rain and Hail’s Crop Insurance team to explore the states of Montana and Washington. Along the way we held some cooperative trainings for Rain and Hail Insurance Agents; introducing them to the world of precision agriculture and explaining the benefits that producers see from utilizing these tools.

These day and a half long trainings included introductions on how GPS works, what yield monitoring is and how to accurately calibrate an Ag Leader yield monitor, as well as an extensive overview of the SMS software. We also introduced them to the free crop insurance export tool * and how it can benefit their growers and their insurance business.


We have held trainings similar to these in the past at the Ag Leader Academy and just recently held another with over 40 agents in attendance! These events are always great opportunities for both Ag Leader and Rain and Hail to better get to know the agents and how we can assist them in making the insurance reporting process easier for both the agent and the grower. We all had a great time putting these trainings on with such great people and look forward to more of these opportunities in the future!

*Contact the software support team to unlock this free tool: or 515-232-5363.