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Ag Leader Training Wraps up for the Season

by Apr 10, 2012Ag Leader, Training & Support

With little frost in the ground from a mild winter, growers and dealers alike have began working on their spring projects.  On my 25 minute commute to work I have seen everything from tile being laid in the ground to planters sitting in the yard ready and waiting to put seed in the ground.   In our support department, call volumes indicate that growers are about two weeks ahead of where they were last year at this time.  From a training standpoint, this means that dealers and growers can begin utilizing the information that they learned in training.

Ag Leader Academy has been busy hosting 60+ dealer trainings between January and March allowing dealers to receive hands on experience by installing, calibrating, and troubleshooting on tractors, planters and sprayers.  This experience allows dealers to be more efficient in quoting, installing and supporting Ag Leader products.  In addition to the trainings being held at Ag Leader Academy dealers have been busy hosting over 30 customer trainings across the country allowing growers to be more prepared for the upcoming season.


Keep an eye on our web page for updated information on customer training that will be available for you to attend later this summer.  ( Have a safe planting and application season this spring!