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Ag Leader Visits Agritechnica

by Dec 10, 2013Ag Leader, International Perspectives

The Agritechnica 2013 showed a record attendance with around 450,000 visitors – including 112,000 from outside Germany. The largest contingents made their way from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Ireland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland and Italy. Attendance figures from North, Central and South America rose to 8,900 visitors, with 2,000 from Oceania, 1,350 from India and 1,350 from countries in Africa.

Ag Leader was among the major global players of precision farming in hall 17. At the booth Ag Leader staff and distributors served all visitors.


Nearly 2,900 exhibitors from 47 countries showed a complete program of modern agricultural machinery and equipment as well as components and spare parts (Systems & Components). The international participation was outstanding, with 1,500 exhibitors from outside Germany – representing an increase in the last ten years from 33 percent to the present level of 52 percent.

Ag Leader is one of the key players in new developments. Today, developments in electronics and sensor systems largely determine the degree of innovation of systems and machinery with a view to rendering processes even more efficient, precise, environmentally compatible and cost-efficient. Ag Leader launched several features to match the ISOBUS compatibility. Also at other booths the importance of this progress was noted, particularly in the networking of the differing systems

Agritechnica exhibitions are known for being a driving force for innovations. The focus is on quality rather than quantity, however big tractors now with over 440 HP are shown, as well as big planters and drills. 


Germany and Western Europe remain a significant center for innovations and investment. Farmers came to Agritechnica, similar to other shows, to gather information about high-tech answers to the challenges facing the industry, regardless of their farm size.


Agritechnica 2013 has impressively demonstrated the growing global significance of agriculture and agricultural machinery and equipment.