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Ag Leader’s SeedCommand has a fit for you!

by Nov 20, 2023Blog, SeedCommand®

Many of you will argue that the planter is the most important piece of equipment on your farm. You only get one chance each year to get your crop in the ground and get it right. The planter is under pressure not only to deliver the seed to the soil as precisely as possible, but also to perform in an increasingly short planting window. 

For complete planter control, any of the SeedCommand products below can be added individually to the planter or can be combined to maximize planter performance. 


With SureDrive, you don’t need a new planter or new meters. . . Just powerful meter control to whip your existing planter into shape. SureDrive offers an electric planter meter drive system allowing customers to eliminate chains, bearings, and shafts while gaining precise meter control. Since SureDrive and SureForce share the same electronics, it is easy to start with one and add the other later.

The benefits of SureDrive include: 

  • Individual shutoff control. Built-in section control where the seed meter stops at previously planted areas, field boundaries, etc.
  • Variable rate. No more gaps leaving the headlands and quickly adjust to proper planting populations. You can even vary your population by grouping, which is perfect for seed corn producers.
  • Turn compensation. The meter speed automatically varies across the width of the planter for consistent seed placement around turns and curves.
  • Planter monitoring


SureForce is Ag Leader’s hydraulic downforce solution that ensures seeds make the ideal contact with soil to get off to the best start. No longer just for no-till or continuous corn fields, SureForce provides agronomic gains for every farm.


The benefits of SureForce include:

  • Row-by-row hydraulic downforce with uplift 
  • Gauge wheel and downforce applied mapping 
  • Can be used with SureDrive and clutches
  • Planter monitoring 
  • Section control with SureStop clutches sold separately.  


A legacy SeedCommand product SureStop features: 

Be InCommand

SeedCommand products can be used with Ag Leader’s InCommand displays, which offer complete planter monitoring and control functions, eliminating the need for an additional display in the cab. •

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