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All About AgFiniti Prescriptions

by Jan 17, 2019AgFiniti®

If you haven’t heard yet, Ag Leader announced an affordable annual prescriptions service to our AgFiniti® platform this past fall. Let’s expand a bit on what this service is, who it was intended for and some opportunities to learn more.

What is it?

AgFiniti users now have the ability to generate prescriptions directly inside of the AgFiniti cloud, which can then be shared with their displays, for in-field machine control. This means customers can import, export, view, share, map, remotely support, generate reports and build recommendations.

Why did we create it?

AgFiniti users can now access the fertilizing recommendations written by trusted universities for their own fields, in a remarkably easy to use interface. The initial release includes access to trusted recommendations from Iowa State University, Purdue University, the University of Illinois and other land-grant universities, focusing on phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen applications.

AgFiniti opens the door for growers in the Midwest who need the ability to generate in-depth fertilizing prescriptions for their fields, but who don’t need some of the other features available in the SMS™ Advanced Desktop Software and more importantly don’t have the time or agronomic expertise to write their own prescriptions.

For SMS Basic users, the prescriptions tool provides a way to easily build complex, thorough prescriptions without having to purchase SMS Advanced. Users can use the soil sampling and harvest datasets they already have in their software, to build these university backed prescriptions from any web-enabled device.

Can I adjust the inputs in the university recommendations?

Ag Leader understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to prescriptions, which is why AgFiniti users can adjust some of the inputs in these university recommendations based on their own yield and soil fertility goals and the data they have available; or run one of the two generic equations with customizable inputs to perfectly match their operational goals. This is in addition to the ability of our InCommand displays to further adjust prescriptions once they are loaded in.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Growers need an AgFiniti account and an Essentials license. In order to generate prescriptions, growers will need to have field boundaries in AgFiniti for any field they wish to generate prescriptions for. These field boundaries can come from an Ag Leader field display, SMS Desktop Software or generated directly inside of AgFiniti with the new Boundary Manager tool.

Growers can now begin populating AgFiniti with the necessary inputs. Growers can base P & K recommendations on grain harvest, soil sampling results, or a combination of the two; as well as nitrogen recommendations based on any combination of user-defined values and their fields’ harvest information.

Field boundaries serve an important purpose here–not only to assure the grower acre coverage, but this is also how customers will purchase this service. With the new Boundary Manager tool growers can generate boundaries from any mapped data saved in their account, giving them an accurate acre count in AgFiniti.

What is the pricing structure?

The pricing plan is especially easy to understand and budget for – a grower simply pays a flat rate of 75 cents per boundary acre for the fields they wish to build prescriptions for. After payment has been made, the grower can generate an unlimited number of prescriptions for those acres, for an entire calendar year. A secure, convenient e-commerce site allows for easy purchase.

Once the purchase is made, simply export them via AgFiniti wirelessly to Ag Leader displays, download them as .shp files or download into SMS to export for 3rd party controllers.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog series where we’ll discuss some exciting additional features coming to the tool and an invite to a webinar where you can learn even more! Don’t forget, your local precision ag expert is there to help!