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Become SMS Certified…Blaine Did

by Jul 2, 2012SMS™ Software, Training & Support

The summer training season is well under way which means the Ag Leader Academy is filled with dealers and customers looking to increase their knowledge about our products. One way to progress your knowledge beyond the SMS Basic and SMS Advanced courses we offer is to attend an SMS Certified Class. We started offering this class to provide our SMS Advanced users with a way to not only further their knowledge about the SMS Software but also to provide them with a place to interact with their peers.

In February of this year we had a Certified Level I training course that brought together users with diverse backgrounds. One of the attendees was Blaine Schmidt, a Modern Ag Specialist with Grainland Coop, based in Holyoke, Colorado. Grainland works with customers in northeast Colorado and western Nebraska, who grow a wide range of crops.

Blaine spoke with us recently about his experience at the SMS Certified Level I training:

“I attended an SMS Basic and SMS Advanced course in 2010 and felt those classes provided me with a good grasp of the fundamentals, but as our customer base started to integrate precision farming into their operations at a higher level, I wanted further understanding of the in-depth SMS Advanced features such as Multi-Year Averages and Equations. I increased my understanding of these tools in the Certified Level I course in addition to learning about other tools that I hadn't been using that have great potential within our business. I feel this training was invaluable and gave me a competitive edge and has helped me stay on top of new technology and assist my growers in getting ahead.”


Listen as Blaine explains how attending the Certified Level I class gained him a competitive advantage:

Schmidt Interview

Ag Leader offers Certified Level I training at different times throughout the year.  To see a full list of available trainings or to learn more about any of our training opportunities, please visit or contact a member of the SMS Software Support Group.