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Choose the Summer SMS Training that is right for you!

by Apr 26, 2012SMS™ Software

As all of us are getting geared up for the spring planting season there are many things that we have to check off the to-do list. We need to make sure the equipment is all ready, we’ve got the right hybrids/varieties to plant, our displays are setup for the new crop season, and the list goes on. Once the planting season is behind us, what do we do with all of the information that we recorded with our precision ag displays? How do we take the data that was recorded and make it work for us?

Ag Leader is dedicated to helping you use that data to not only assist in the required reporting but also in preparing for the next things on the to-do list. We have recently released our summer SMS training schedule so that you can learn how to utilize all the information that was recorded during planting and prepare to analyze your data after harvest. We have several training options available to you including webinars, online and classroom trainings.

The free monthly webinars that we offer are a great place for beginners to get their feet wet and also a nice way for existing users to brush up on the most commonly used tools. There are three webinars available to you: SMS Basic, SMS Advanced and SMS Mobile. These webinars are held at the first of every month and last 90 minutes. To sign up for any of the upcoming webinars, please visit

Our online trainings are held on Thursdays and are focused on one specific topic in SMS Desktop or SMS Mobile. These sessions are great for the users that want to learn more about one specific tool in SMS products, such as crop scouting with SMS Mobile, creating prescriptions in SMS Basic and Advanced, and prepping for harvest using SMS. To view a complete list of online trainings please visit:

The classroom trainings that we hold provide you with the ability to not only learn how to use SMS in a very ‘hands-on’ way but also are a great way to interact with other SMS customers and members of the SMS Software Support Group. We offer classroom trainings for SMS Basic, SMS Advanced, SMS Mobile and even an in-depth three day SMS Certified class for our users that already have extensive experience with the SMS Software. We provide everything that you will need in our classroom trainings: a laptop with SMS and sample data, a training manual to take home with you and members of our SMS Software Support Group to lead the session. All you have to do is show up with questions! To view a list of the classroom trainings we have scheduled, please visit:

With all of these training options we are confident that we have something that will meet your unique needs! So as you are checking things off the spring to-do list, make sure that you are taking full advantage of all of your hard work by learning how SMS can assist you. Have a safe and productive spring!