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Common questions from hardware training

by Jul 9, 2010Training & Support

Since my last post I have toured parts of Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.  No matter where you go the big question is rain and how much did you get?  Depending on whom you ask and where they are located you are bound to hear one of the following responses: “too little”, “just right”, or “too much”! At Ag Leader Academy we are receiving questions about topics other than rain. Some of the common questions involve guidance and steering, SeedCommand on planters, DirectCommand on applicators and yield monitoring on combines.

Guidance and Steering – How long does it take for ParaDyme to start up after the Ag Leader® Integra display or EDGE  display has been powered on?

ParaDyme will start up approximately one to two minutes after controlling display is powered on.

SeedCommandWhat is the difference between a RowCommand 1-row section cable and RowCommand 2-row section cable?

I have a John Deere planter with RowCommand.  I’m controlling the planter sections using an Ag Leader display and SeedCommand.  What is the difference between a RowCommand 1-row section cable and RowCommand 2-row section cable? When using the RowCommand 1-row section cable, you will have 2-row sections on the far left and far right of the harness.   Then it has individual-row shut offs for each row between the 2-row sections.  For example the planter below is a 24-row planter with 1-row sections.  Therefore it has a total of 22 sections divided into 2 2-row sections and 20 1-row sections.  In the diagram below the red is used to show the 2-row sections and the blue is used to show the 1-row sections.


When using a RowCommand 2-row section cable, you will have 2-row sections all the way across the planter.  For example the 24-row planter below has 12 2-row sections.


DirectCommand – What are auxiliary valves used for?

Auxiliary valves are used to control up to two additional on/off valves when all sections are off.  These types of valves have been used on sprayers manufactured overseas, multi-section NH3 applicators, some Hardi sprayers and other applicators.

Harvest – What do I do if my motor does not turn on my elevator mount unit?

Here are three things to try: -Check the adjustment of the proximity sensor.   If the light on the proximity sensor comes on when you place your finger across it then it should be set correctly. -Check the fuses in the power cable leading up to the elevator mount unit. -Try hooking power directly from the battery to the motor on the elevator mount unit.  If the motor turns you may need to check the module or the relay that controls the motor.

If you have other questions, attend an Ag Leader training session near you.  A list can be found here.  Or Ag Leader Technical Support is always there to help you.