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Confessions of a Magazine Addict

by Mar 30, 2012Ag Leader

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem: I am a magazine junkie. I subscribe to six publications personally and countless farm publications professionally.

Why am I hooked on magazines? They are a great source of information and entertainment! Reading a magazine is a great way to relax and unwind whether I have just 10 minutes or a couple hours. Magazines are portable, so I can take one wherever I go. I feel more “connected” to the stories when I’m holding the publication, feeling the paper against my fingertips and flipping the pages than when I read articles online. Plus, it comes right to my door. I don’t have to “login” to anything; I just have to pick up my mail! It’s a lot more fun when my US Weekly arrives than it is when I get my VISA bill.

You don’t have to be a magazine addict like me to appreciate the launch of Ag Leader’s precision farming publication Insights. Produced by the Ag Leader team (myself included), this quarterly magazine primarily targets growers and precision farming industry professionals who are looking to get more out of their precision farming tools and learn about the latest technologies.

Why did we decide to go with a magazine format? We just have so many great stories to tell! The longer format of a magazine gives us a lot more space to go into greater detail about the things that interest you most: new products and technologies, enhancements to the current Ag Leader offerings, stories from growers across the globe, relevant agronomic information you can use, business management tips and more!

Al Myers, our company’s president and founder, puts it this way: “Educating and providing valuable information to our readers is the main goal of Insights magazine.”

Did I mention that a subscription to Insights is absolutely free? To receive Insights at your home or business, visit Just enter your mailing information and you’ll be added to the list. Or, download the PDF to your computer and save a tree. The spring issue is slated to deliver mid-April; get signed up ASAP!

Got a great story to tell? The Ag Leader team wants to hear about it! Email your story concepts to; subject line: Insights Tip.