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Data Management has never been easier with AgFiniti®

by May 6, 2014Ag Leader, AgFiniti®, Guidance & Steering, SMS™ Software, Value of Data

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to mess with a USB again? Never have to wait for a file from your consultant? Never have to worry about getting your data to your consultant so they can generate variable rate prescriptions or harvest/application maps and reports? Never having to wait for your consultant to get those prescriptions back to you so you can start working before the rain comes? Never having to worry about losing your USB before you can read your data into your SMS software?

AgFiniti makes this possible. Once your files are securely stored within your AgFiniti account, your options for managing the data are nearly endless. AgFiniti gives you fast, easy access to your files anywhere in the field by allowing you to wirelessly transfer your data to your Ag Leader display or SMS software, creating hassle free data management. After your data is moved to your SMS software, you can print your own maps/reports and analyze your data to make management decisions that make your operation more profitable. Learn more about how SMS Software can help your operation. Don’t use SMS? No problem! AgFiniti can still be used to securely store and share your data with your trusted advisors, so they can manage your maps and data for you.

The AgFiniti platform houses powerful sharing tools that make your data management simple and easy. Establish a sharing relationship with your trusted advisors, allowing them access to your data. You don’t have to put up with the hassle of driving into town, or waiting for your consultant to come out and grab files off of your display. Once the sharing relationship is setup between accounts, files are instantly shared between the two, allowing you to use your valuable time more efficiently. 

To learn more about how the File Transfer functionality of AgFiniti works check out our helpful tutorial video. You can learn more about AgFiniti by clicking here, giving us a call at 515-232-5363, or reading last weeks blog AgFiniti® Provides Flexibility for Your Operation in my AgFiniti blog series.