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Data Management in SMS Basic and SMS Advanced

by Apr 24, 2012SMS™ Software

Managing and organizing data is an essential part of any business operation.  Data that is not properly organized cannot only be difficult to find, but difficult to work with.  In an office setting, you may have different folders in your filing cabinet, or on your computer to organize your information.

SMS Advanced users have had the ability to have unlimited projects to help organize data.  Think of a project as a filing folder that allows you to have a different Management Tree to separate out your information.  If you do any custom fieldwork or custom mapping for anyone, this would provide you the ability to have a project for each person you did custom work for.  This makes it much easier to find the information that you’re after, as well as providing privacy on who else you are doing work for in the event that you have a client come over to look over some data with you.  Projects are also a great way to work with sample files to try out new tools and features without doing anything with your main projects.

In Version 11.5, we made changes that allow SMS Basic users to have up to five projects.  SMS Basic and SMS Advanced users both get to take advantage of an updated Projects Dialog and Backup Wizard.  To learn more about these updates, please watch the videos below:

Using Projects in SMS Basic

Using Projects in SMS Advanced