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DisplayCast: Your Questions Answered

by Mar 21, 2017Ag Leader

What is DisplayCast™? 
Simply put, DisplayCast is Ag Leader’s solution for display-to-display communication within the InCommand™ family of displays.

DisplayCast allows information to be shared among multiple InCommand displays performing the same operation in the same field at the same time, but DisplayCast also shares information among displays across seasons.

How is DisplayCast different from what’s already on the market? 
DisplayCast is different from other similar features on the market for a couple reasons. The first being the method of sharing. DisplayCast doesn’t use a radio signal to transmit information between displays, which limits the data being shared to only what is happening in close proximity. The use of internet allows information to be shared between displays in the same field, or displays miles apart – not even powered on. The second main differentiator is the type of information that can be shared. Sure, DisplayCast shares coverage maps, but it can also share guidance lines, planting maps, field summary information and more!

How can DisplayCast help me if I don’t run multiple InCommand displays in the same field at the same time?
If you use an InCommand display in your sprayer, whether you know it or not, you are scouting your fields to see what is happening. You think, “How does the crop look?  Why is there a difference in color or height between plants?”

Similarly, if you plant with one InCommand, but harvest with another, you probably want your planting information available on the harvest display. Have you ever been running the combine and noticed an area that looked like a poorer seeding rate and asked, “What happened here?”, just to find out after you got home and looked at planting information you had planter performance issues?

In both the scenarios, you are gathering planting information with an InCommand display and could benefit from having that information on your other displays in the sprayer and/or combine.  With DisplayCast, you can easily share information from any season. While you are spraying, look back at what you planted where to answer your scouting questions about the color and height of your plants. When you are in the combine and ask “what happened here?”, you can answer that question immediately by looking back at planting information right on your screen.

DisplayCast ensures that all the information you need from your InCommand display is available on every InCommand display in your operation when you need it. 

What do you need in order to get DisplayCast on your InCommand displays? 
You will need InCommand displays, one display unlock per display, an AgFiniti® Essentials License per three displays and an internet source. Viable internet options include: hotspot in the cab or Wi-Fi in the shop to use at the end of the operation.
With DisplayCast, information from previous operations will be available to help make mission-critical decisions so you never have to ask “what happened?”

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