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Does the Queen sleep on this?!?!

by Jun 9, 2010International Perspectives

Dinner on the Volga River in Russia

As I write this post I am back on the road again after a short week at home.  I am currently in England preparing for the Cereals Show that starts today (Wednesday, June 9th).  I have been traveling a lot in the last two months and while I’ve enjoyed it, I’m also   looking forward to spending some time at home after this trip.

When I’m traveling overseas, I look forward to the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new people, as well as experience different cultures and eat local foods (I think I have had my share of fish and chips so far this trip).  It is especially rewarding to be able to do these things in the agricultural industry as the people in the industry are some of the greatest people you will ever meet.  I have had the opportunity to dine with a great family on the Volga River in Russia, attend a youth rugby match in South Africa and watch some football (soccer) with fans in Denmark.  These people have all treated me like family and have made my trips enjoyable.


Youth Rugby Match


Even with the great hospitality and food you start to miss familiar things from home after traveling for awhile.  The first thing you start to miss is your family (and maybe even the dog).  After family, you start to miss some of the smaller things, such as ice in your drink, air conditioning or just good internet access.  However, the one thing I am missing on this trip is my BED!

Since I arrived in England I have had trouble sleeping.  It is not from the jet lag or time difference but the beds I have slept in. Whoever believes that a three inch thick piece of foam on a sheet of plywood constitutes a mattress should be forced to sleep on it once.  A thin piece of foam on a hard surface is okay when camping but not the most desirable when paying $150/night for the privilege of doing so.  Also, a mattress that sinks in the middle and funnels your body to the one spring that pokes you in the back is not my idea of a good sleep.  I’ll take a pillow top mattress any day.

My family.

I think there is a good opportunity for selling mattresses in the UK.  Perhaps, I should start a side business and make my fortune.  I could be known as the Mattress King of England.  Maybe some of you would like to get in on this opportunity with me.  I am sure it is a solid investment opportunity.  I think I should sleep on this idea and decide in the morning; that is if I can keep that spring from puncturing through my skin tonight.

I shouldn’t complain too much as the small inconveniences of traveling make you appreciate home more.  I will be heading back home on Friday and am excited to see my family and sleep in my own bed again.  I will be providing a complete detail of the Cereals Show along with some photos for my next post.  Have a good night sleep.