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Don’t store your planting data away until fall, use your maps and guidance lines in the sprayer!

by May 1, 2017AgFiniti®

From seasons past, think about how your time in the sprayer typically goes… Yeah, it’s hot in there, the job gets monotonous, you turn to your phone for entertainment…

But what else do you wish you had at your disposal out there? Maybe you’re checking emergence, getting a feel for plant health. Asking, “What variety is this?” “What population was this planted at?” “What date was this planted?” Maybe you’ve even wished you could easily grab guidance lines or management items or maps from your planting tractor…

Well, wait no longer. The future is here. Enter DisplayCast™. With DisplayCast, you no longer need to have the same InCommand display in the sprayer that you used in the planter to view the same information. Now you can view it all across both displays with a touch of the screen!

Imagine, as you pull into the field, simply log into your AgFiniti® account and BOOM! With DisplayCast, view:

  • Boundaries
  • Products
  • Coverage maps
  • Guidance lines
  • Field summary information
  • And more!

And unique to Ag Leader, DisplayCast works across your whole operation. Whether you have two displays working in one field or need information from a display parked in your shed, DisplayCast allows for increased convenience, productivity and better decision making in the cab.