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Enhance Your Operation Through Networking

by Apr 29, 2011Ag Leader

In business, “networking” is the practice of making connections and maintaining business relationships with like-minded people who support you. Who do you network with? Agronomists, crop consultants, seed representatives, equipment dealers, precision agriculture specialists—even your friends and neighbors—just to name a few. These are the folks who ensure you have what you need, when you need it, to keep your operation functioning at the highest level.  

Sharing Best Practices When you tap into these resources, you’re also benefiting from the knowledge and experience in their networks. It’s an endless circle of sharing best practices. While everyone always keeps a few tricks up their sleeve, you know you can count on these individuals for tried and true advice on what worked, or didn’t work, in a particular situation. It’s guidance you can rely on. Another reason networking is so important is it’s a great way to pass along advice and expertise to the next generation of growers. Those growers just starting out can benefit learning from your life experiences.  

Providing Better Service The businesses you network with are networking, too. Precision Agriculture Specialist Rick Hoeing is a strong proponent of building relationships with peers. He says it’s just one way he is able to bring a higher level of service to his customers. “Whether I’m tapping into another dealer’s inventory for that emergency part, or making use of their knowledge and experience to accomplish a job, having partners in this industry is imperative.”

Ag Leader's Dealer Meeting is a great opportunity for dealers to network with one another.

Reap What You Sow One thing to remember in building a strong network: be an equally strong member of the network. This means not just taking advantage of what you can get from your network, but contributing to it is just as important.

Networking is a give and take situation with a foundation of building trust and mutual benefit.