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5 Reasons SeedCommand is Your Perfect Valentine

by Feb 14, 2017Ag Leader, SeedCommand®

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated across much of North America today. This means hopeless romantics will be swooning, buying flowers (to the tune of $1.9 billion), or even planning marriage proposals (6 million, to be exact). Not you, though. You’re probably having a hard time focusing on all that mushy stuff with planting right around the corner! For people like you, there’s one perfect Valentine – SeedCommand™.

What makes SeedCommand the perfect Valentine, you ask? Here are five reasons.

1. It doesn’t try to change you.
Every Valentine you’ve ever had has eventually tried to scrub the dirt from under your nails, cover your farmer’s tan and take off your work boots. Not SeedCommand’s electric drive, SureDrive™. SureDrive works with the planter and the meter you already know and love. No need to change, SureDrive works on nearly every planter brand on the market.

2. It’s low maintenance.
No meeting the parents, no family Christmas to attend, no in-laws to impress, just a reliable system for your planter. In fact, SureDrive electric drives completely eliminate chains, air clutches, harnesses and bearings, making them maintenance free. How does that compare to your Valentines of the past?

3. It saves you money.
This is a big one, people! Not only does SeedCommand not require a Valentine’s Day gift (which will cost the average American $130.97), it will actually SAVE you money. In fact, turn compensation could save you as much as 60 bu. or more per acre! SureDrive electric drives provide turn compensation on curves and terraces, ensuring you don’t have too many plants on the inside rows and too few on the outside rows.

4. It’s consistent and predictable.
Have your past Valentines been a little crazy unpredictable at times? Hydraulic Down Force gives you consistency and predictability you have been searching for in a relationship. Plants thrive in a consistent environment. Hydraulic Down Force ensures consistent seed placement and depth, no matter the field condition or soil type, and automatically responds to changes across the field.

5. You have complete visibility.
There is no guessing-game when you have SeedCommand and the InCommand™ 1200 display. Know exactly what your planter is doing, all the way down to the row level, at all times as it’s going across the field. Quickly identify and correct costly planting mistakes that wouldn’t have been noticed until harvest. The InCommand 1200 gives you a window into your planter… if only it worked on your significant other’s cell phone.

This Valentine’s Day, ditch your plans and give your Ag Leader dealer a call. Tell them SeedCommand is your perfect Valentine!


Author’s note: Ag Leader is not actually encouraging you to ditch your valentine this year. The repercussions of which may equate to that of a tornado, or rabid animal. This post is just for fun. smile