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Five Reasons Why You Need a Guidance System

by Oct 31, 2017Ag Leader, Displays, Guidance & Steering

5 Reasons You Need a Guidance System

Are you on the fence about adding a guidance system to your operation? With options ranging from an entry-level assisted steering system, all the way to a fully integrated steering system, it’s worth taking a look at. Here are five reasons why.

You’re Wasting Money – There’s a reason this one leads off the list – it’s a BIG deal. Without a guidance system, it’s really hard telling how much extra input (seed, fertilizer, chemical) you’re putting down unnecessarily because your passes are overlapping. On the other hand, you may also be skipping large sections between passes. The worst part is, you may not even know it’s happening until it’s too late. Can you really afford not to control your inputs?

You’re Tired – We’ve all been there. The ground is finally warm enough to plant, and the forecast is calling for rain, so the clock is ticking. Late nights along with hours of driving through bumpy fields really takes a toll on you. You wish you could run just a few hours longer, but you can’t because you’re exhausted. A guidance system may be the answer to extending working hours. It requires less physical effort, saving your energy and allowing you to keep grinding.

It’s Simple – Of all the ways to improve your farming operation, adding a guidance system may be the easiest. Just be sure to choose a brand with a well-trained dealer network to properly install your system and answer any questions you have (hint: it’s us). It’s also a good idea to look for a solution that works across multiple colors of equipment if you’re farm has a mixed fleet (hint: this is us, too).

You Deserve to Show Off – As a farmer, your work is very public. If you don’t think your neighbors are judging your ability to plant in a straight row, you’re wrong. Don’t get laughed at. Just get yourself a guidance system and show off those straight rows!

It Pays – Remember point number one about managing inputs? It doesn’t take long for those inputs you save to add up and pay for your guidance system. If it pays for itself, is there any reason not to get one?

Ready to learn more and find a solution that’s right for you? Talk to your local precision expert.