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Gear up for Spring Planting 2013

by Apr 9, 2013Ag Leader, SeedCommand®

Believe it or not as of March 20th spring has officially begun.  This means it is time to get prepared for planting.  As such I have decided to provide you with a list of things to do in regards to your guidance system before you dive into the season.

  • Make sure everything is hooked back up correctly after winter storage.
  • Switch from fall vehicle configurations to spring vehicle configurations.
  • Does everything work correctly?  Perhaps try creating an AB or A+ line.  Drive one direction and then back on the same tracks (track on track).  Are your tire marks on top of one another or does some tuning need to be done to get your system performing on point?
  • Update all firmware to the latest versions

    • ParaDyme-2.8.23332
    • GeoSteer-1.2.25298
    • Ag Leader Integra/Versa-4.0
    • Edge-5.1
    • Insight-9.1
    • Renew subscriptions

      • OmniStar
      • RTK ReadyConnect for correction by cell

If you have any questions remember you can call Ag Leader Tech Support at 515-232-5363.  Our spring hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday 8am-4pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm Central Standard Time.