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Getting Started: What makes a good precision ag dealer?

by Mar 30, 2010Ag Leader


Starting out in precision farming can seem easier when a knowledgeable dealer is on your side. What makes a good precision ag dealer? What questions should you ask when talking with dealers about adopting new technologies?

It’s important to feel comfortable with a precision ag dealer. A good precision ag dealer gives you all the choices and provides information that would better your operation. Your operation is different than anyone else’s. First, you should explain your operation to a precision ag dealer. You want to make sure the dealer knows what your goals are, specifically in terms of precision technology. What do you want to be able to do? Your precision farming dealer can then give you options to choose from.

Second, ask your dealer what kind of service is provided after the product is purchased. How can you reach them if something goes wrong during planting or harvest seasons? What do they have to offer when it comes to technical support? Do they have specific employees designated to providing technical service? This is important to know because the dealer relationship is not finished after the sale. Chances are there will be times you have a question about your equipment. Make sure you have someone there when you need an answer.

Third, how can you learn to best use the precision equipment that you purchase? Some dealerships offer trainings on specific products or put on seminars for general precision ag information. Others can point you in the right direction to find those resources. It is important that you have a way to learn more about your precision technologies so you can advance your operation.

A well-rounded dealer can help you make informed decisions. They may not always know the right answer, but they know where the answer can be found. Use the above points to create your own questions for a precision dealer and think through the answers they provide. These questions are by no means comprehensive, but a great place to start when considering precision technology.