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Getting things organized

by Jul 9, 2010SMS™ Software

I don’t know about your farm shop, but our shop is in dire need of some organization and cleaning. We have spent the last three months doing everything we can do to keep the planter, strip-till machine, sprayer, semis, trucks, tractors and numerous trailers operating with seed, fertilizer and chemicals. The shop area is vitally important but keeping it organized is not the top priority during these months. Your data within software is similar to the farm shop. Data is vitally important to making informed decisions, but in the last few months the top priority has been on prescriptions for planters and reading in planter and sprayer data for reporting purposes.  Thus the data within the software can quickly get unorganized and needs some attention before harvest. Watch this video for some of the most common items that you can organize.

Harvest is quickly approaching and you will receive another report card. Getting data organized so you can evaluate all the complex variables is an important step in understanding the results and improving on them next year.  On our farm we are expecting to evaluate tile installation, population trials, nitrogen rates, hybrid performance, quantify yield loss in soil that has been wet for six weeks and many more examples. The final reason to organize your data is to familiarize yourself with where the data is and what it looks like. In our shop, we typically have a drawer for all the vise-grips. After we organize the shop, most of the vise-grips are back in place and ready for the next time we need them. Hopefully the same will be true concerning your precision ag information, that you know what you have and where you can go to use those tools most effectively.