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Grabbing Guidance Lines is a cinch with AgFiniti!

by Jun 15, 2017AgFiniti®, Displays, Guidance & Steering

As we discussed in an earlier blog, Ag Leader offers many ways to move and manage guidance lines between displays. However, by and far – the newest and easiest way is by using DisplayCast™.

Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to send guidance lines from the planter tractor to the sprayer.

With DisplayCast, when an item is created on one display, it is also available on all InCommand™ displays within your operation. DisplayCast transfers the following:

• All Configurations, Growers/Farms/Fields, Products, Boundaries
• Coverage maps for swath control
• Guidance lines
• Field summary information
• Planting maps for variety tracking
• Yield attributes from all displays

Want to know more about DisplayCast? Click here to learn more about DisplayCast.