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Great new features of SMS v19.5!

by Sep 3, 2019SMS™ Software

SMS™ Desktop Software customers have exciting new features available in version 19.5!  Customers who take full advantage of the powerful data management tools from Ag Leader and use AgFiniti® and SMS together, will notice new sync tools to make the process of sharing information between these two decision support systems even easier. 

Guidance lines can now be divided and merged, making the management of multiple guidance patterns more efficient.

SMS Advanced users with the Water Management Module get a preview of a new tile plan creation tool with the Create Contoured Laterals feature. This new tool allows users to define target parameters and landscape type, and SMS will assist in creating tile runs on the contour, for a more effective tile design.

The Field Trial Module is now available to purchase for SMS Advanced users! Users got a preview in version 19.2 that allowed for field trials to be created, and now with the full release, can capitalize on the powerful Field Trial Analysis to see both statistical and economic results in a fully customizable analysis report.

Whether you’re an SMS Basic user looking to get access to an easy way to generate university fertilizer for N, P, K, and lime recommendations and see multi-year analysis maps for your fields, or if you’re an SMS Advanced user looking to simplify and automate the process of creating these layers, you now have the ability to create them with new tools in AgFiniti. You simply need to be current on your SMS yearly maintenance and can even try out one field (up to 120 acres) for free!

Check out these powerful tools in this video. Want to see all these tools in action? Upgrade to version 19.5 today to access all these new tools!