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Guidance Update in Firmware Version 4.0

by Mar 26, 2013Guidance & Steering

Enable/Disable coverage mapping based off steering engage status. By checking the box shown in the screen shot below you can automatically log coverage when the steering is engaged


Define tramlines and receive notification when approaching/on tramline


Tramline Guidance works with straight and identical curve patterns


Incorporation of two nudge settings, small and large, with straight AB patterns


Small and large nudge settings


Show adjacent paths on each side of straight AB and identical curve patterns


Allow A+ pattern to be defined with SmartPath pattern {image7}

Guidance patterns can now be selected using a graphic {image8}

Patterns are also auto-saved and capable of using auto-name with date/time if one has not already been selected.  Last but not least, OnTrac2+ performance on rough terrain has been enhanced.  Features are continuously worked on and added as they are completed so stay tuned for more features in the future.