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Healthy profitable crops are simple with OptRx crop sensors on board

by Nov 18, 2017Australia, International Perspectives

Address your crop’s needs and pad your wallet by having OptRX Crop Sensors on your side. Ag Leader is helping you bolster your crop growth potential with this crop health scouting tool and ability to perform on-the-go variable rate application of chemicals and fertilisers.


Maximising profitability in farming is key, and OptRX Crop Sensors give you the opportunity to respond in real-time to variability across the paddock to optimise your inputs. The sensors measure your crop health as you drive and allow you to apply the right prescription instantaneously.

As the operator, your calibrations are simple between paddocks in terms of minimum and maximum application rates, as well as any pre-applied nitrogen credits that may be present.

From there you just need to sit back and drive as the OptRx shines light on the crop canopy and reads reflected light off the crop to determine plant health. The technology will then prescribe the optimal application rate when used in conjunction with Ag Leader’s application technology system DirectCommand.

OptRx sensors can also help throughout the growing season by acting as scouting tools for crop health information during every field pass.

The sensors can be easily mounted on any piece of field equipment to log information with the corresponding InCommand industry-leading display technology and are not affected by weather conditions.


The on-screen information transfers easily to Ag Leaders AgFiniti Mobile App for iPad, ruling out the need to spend money on time intensive photo stitching software.