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Here's What We've Been up to at the Ag Leader Academy

by Aug 10, 2012Training & Support

A common question that we hear at Ag Leader Academy is, “what have you been up to?” Well, for starters, our Training Specialists, John Mueggenberg, Kaleb Lindquist and I have all settled into our new cubes at the Ag Leader Academy.


In addition to getting settled in, Ag Leader Academy reached a new personal record by hosting over 70 dealer trainings this summer!  With record attendance Ag Leader Dealers will be more prepared than ever before to help growers through a successful harvest.  One way Ag Leader Dealers help prepare growers is through customer training.  Customer training begins as early as August 8 and as late as September 6.  Follow the link to learn more about customer trainings near you.

While dealer training was taking place at Ag Leader Academy we had some other visitors Chuck Zimmerman with Precision Pays, Mike Lessiter of Lessiter Publications and a group of college professors that attended our Annual educators training.

To learn more about the events happening at the Academy click the hyper links above.  Until next time we hope to see you at training!