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4 Quick Ways AgFiniti Can Make Life Easier This Spring

by Mar 30, 2017AgFiniti®

Have you been thinking about adding a cloud-based platform to your tool belt? With spring upon us, there’s no better time than now. AgFiniti® makes your data management easier than ever before. Take a look at a few real-world examples of how you can use AgFiniti and the AgFiniti® Mobile app this spring:

Situation: Dad does a lot of the planting while you work in town during the day and you want to be to see what he’s doing.

Solution: Use AgFiniti to look in on his progress! With AgFiniti, you can see the planting maps on AgFiniti or the AgFiniti Mobile app when he leaves a field or stops for the day. See everything from planting population, singulation, down force and variety tracking maps, without having to use desktop software.

Requires: Supported Ag Leader display*, AgFiniti Essentials license, AgFiniti Mobile app

Situation: Your operation uses InCommand™ 1200 displays in your two planting rigs. You especially like the row-by-row mapping and integrated autosteer but you wish there was a way you could share coverage maps or see how the other planter is performing when you’re in the same field. You wish you could also grab the planting guidance lines to use from the InCommand in the sprayer, too…

Solution: DisplayCast®! Share all configurations, growers/farms/fields, products, boundaries, coverage maps for swath control, guidance lines, as applied maps, field summary information and more! With all your InCommand displays, across your farm, throughout the season.

Requires: InCommand 1200 or InCommand 800 display*, AgFiniti Essentials license, DisplayCast unlock per display

Situation: You and your brother farm your parent’s land together, sharing a planter and the planting equipment. He is not good at keeping an eye on planter performance, but this is your livelihood too, and you need to make sure he’s not costing you money by missing planter errors.

Solution: AgFiniti allows you to effortlessly view planter performance to determine if you need to make any planter adjustments. As your brother finishes up his shift, you can see exactly how the planter is performing and decide if any maintenance is needed before you’re in the driver’s seat.

Requires: Supported Ag Leader display*, AgFiniti Essentials and/or AgFiniti Mobile app, partner willing to share data

Situation: Your family runs all non-Ag Leader displays, but you use SMS desktop software and you like easier access to your maps and reports. You like to be able to pull up any year’s information from any operation while you’re out scouting or talking with landlords.

Solution: Use AgFiniti on your smartphone, Android tablet, or iPad® to see any and all of your information.

Requires: current SMS license, AgFiniti Essentials license, AgFiniti Mobile app (optional)
And this is just the beginning of the possibilities! To learn more about AgFiniti, click here.


*Supported Ag Leader displays include: InCommand™ displays, Ag Leader® Integra, Versa™ displays