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How Can AgFiniti Help Your Business?

by Nov 14, 2013Ag Leader, SMS™ Software, Value of Data

Early this fall Ag Leader announced our new AgFiniti, cloud-based and wireless system.   There has been a lot of talk about “the cloud” recently.  Depending on who you are talking to, the cloud can be simple storage of files, to streaming movies, and chatting. While the video below gives a nice overview, I’ll go into a few more details on what AgFiniti is and how it can be useful with your business. 

What do Ag Leader wireless products consist of?
AgFiniti’s WiFi adapter is the key component that allows wireless transfer and access to and from your display.  The adapter will connect to any wifi hotspot such as your phone, tablet, or any wireless network.  This gives you the freedom to choose the carrier that provides the best signal quality in your area.  Depending on your need, you may use an existing data plan on a current device, rather than purchasing another.

Once connected, you will be able to begin sending/receiving data and remotely accessing your field displays. AgFiniti users have the ability to transfer files to and from display’s that have a Wifi adapter, and have purchased a File Transfer license.  Field data can then be accessed from anywhere that you have web access.  Data can be downloaded directly from your AgFiniti account or SMS users can seamlessly import files directly into SMS to process.  Likewise, you can export setup files with boundaries, guidance patterns, prescriptions as well as other items contained in .Agsetup files. Data can also be easily shared with trusted advisors, such as crop consultants, allowing them access to data via the AgFiniti cloud.


Remote support 

Remote support has recently been announced as another tool that allows users to get remote assistance and let dealers, tech support, or others access to see their display in real time to assist them should they have questions or problems in the field with their equipment.  This is an extension of our already industry-leading technical support, and Dealer network to assist customers during busy seasons.


Who can use AgFiniti?

Anyone can create an AgFiniti account.  Current SMS users can use their SMS username and password credentials to log into their AgFiniti account. AgFiniti accounts can be setup to allow multiple people in your business access the data in your account. An example would be if 2 brothers farm together, they can both have a login/password to their AgFiniti account, and both move files to and from the displays in the field in a shared AgFiniti account.


When will AgFiniti be available?

During the fall of 2013, we have been field testing with growers and dealers.  Full production release is tentatively scheduled for February 2014.  Additional features will be released going forward that you can pick and choose which will fit your operation.


Data Security

In the highly connected society that we live in, we want to assure our customers that any data that is stored or transferred via AgFiniti is owned 100% by the grower.  We are supplying a secure storage and transfer system for you as a service, but we are not sending that data to any other entity, or consuming it ourselves.  We fully believe that your data belongs to you, if you choose to share with your trusted advisors; you have control over that information.