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Hydraulic Down Force Now Available for Spring Planting

by Oct 30, 2012News & Announcements

AMES, IOWA – The new Hydraulic Down Force system from Ag Leader Technology is now available through the Ag Leader dealer network. Growers who want to control planter down force through the Ag Leader® Integra display can simply work with their local Ag Leader dealer to purchase and install the hydraulic actuators that will adjust down force pressure based on changing field and soil conditions instantly.  Planting seed at the optimum row unit down force is an important factor in good crop germination, and ultimately, yield.

Will Cannon, product specialist for Ag Leader, explains, “In recent years, planter down force systems have become more sophisticated. Because our system is hydraulically powered, it responds instantly to changing field requirements to maintain proper down force.

“In fact,” Cannon continues, “The pneumatic systems can take upwards of 20 seconds to fully inflate or deflate when responding to changing field terrain. The hydraulic system takes less than a second to respond. Considering the amount of ground a large frame planter can cover in half a minute, this benefit alone is significant.”

Ag Leader President Al Myers said the Hydraulic Down Force system – after years of development and non-stop field testing during the spring 2012 planting season – is now ready for growers across the country.

“We are very excited to bring Hydraulic Down Force to the market. The system, while hydraulically driven, actually requires less hydraulic flow from the tractor compared to hydraulic powered air compressors,” said Myers. “Consider the fact that the Ag Leader Hydraulic Down Force system doesn’t require an air compressor that needs constant maintenance, the decision for those who want better control of planting depth with down force is a simple one.”

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