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If You’re Happy And You Know It, Tell Me About It!

by Sep 14, 2012Ag Leader

It is said that an unhappy customer will tell at least 10 people about their dissatisfaction, but a happy customer will only tell a couple folks, if any, that they had a great experience or would recommend a particular product or brand.

I need YOU to help me change that.

Has your Ag Leader equipment improved performance, helped you realize greater efficiencies in the field or contributed to your bottom line? Would you be willing to talk about it? If so, then I want to share your story in Insights Magazine—Ag Leader’s premier precision ag publication. Insights Magazine focuses exclusively on precision farming techniques and practices, as well as what’s transpiring throughout the entire agriculture industry.

Leave a comment or send an email to if you would like the opportunity to be featured in Insights Magazine. You’ll be contacted by me, or someone on the Ag Leader staff, so we can learn more about how Ag Leader products and data have helped you build a strong operation, save money and make better management decisions.

Don’t worry…be a happy Ag Leader customer and tell your story to others! You’ll be glad you did.