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Illinois Producer Wins EDGE™ Display

by Mar 15, 2011Ag Leader

Ag Leader is proud to announce that Gary Paarlberg of Grant Park, IL, was the winner of the Ag Leader EDGE Display Giveaway at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Paarlberg said his brother Bruce found the EDGE Display Giveaway entry form on Ag Leader’s Facebook page, and gave it to him to fill out and drop off at the Ag Leader booth at the National Farm Machinery Show.


What was Paarlberg’s reaction when he found out he had won? It was great timing! “I was just talking to my Ag Leader dealer Jim Muhlstadt at Stollers International in Herscher, IL, about precision technology updates,” Paarlberg said.

Paarlberg is no stranger to Ag Leader precision tools; he’s been utilizing both Ag Leader hardware and software in his operation since 1997. He is planning to use the EDGE display for application purposes this spring, and is considering buying a mass flow sensor so that he can use the EDGE display in his combine this fall.

Paarlberg partners with his brother Bruce to grow corn, soybeans, shallots and three kinds of onion sets (red, yellow and white).  You can find out more about their operation at

The EDGE display offers year-round precision farming solutions for growers of any operation size. It includes features such as dual product application control, data logging and mapping, guidance and the ability to create, import and export field boundaries and sub-boundaries within a field. The EDGE is also compatible with both the ParaDyme automated steering system and the OnTrac2 assisted steering system from Ag Leader.

Congratulations, Gary! We hope you’ll enjoy the features and benefits of the EDGE display, and that it brings greater profitability to your operation.