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InCommand Displays Talk

by Aug 30, 2016Displays, News & Announcements

AMES, IOWA, August 30, 2016 – Ag Leader fortifies its vision of complete data connectivity with the latest addition to the powerful InCommand™ displays and AgFiniti® cloud-based platform. DisplayCast™ adds real-time, display-to-display communication to InCommand 1200 and InCommand 800.

Display information, including maps and guidance lines, synced across field activities increases productivity and immediate decision-making. Sharing data between multiple displays running in the same field, running in different fields, or running across the operation is now seamless.

InCommand displays will share coverage maps for swath control, guidance lines, field summary information, yield and planting maps and more. No matter the season, there is always a short window of time to optimize productivity. Having guidance lines, coverage maps and other valuable decision-making data helps growers run at full speed.

“We understand the urgency when field work needs to be done, so having valuable information available in real-time will seriously increase timeliness and promote collaboration among machines,” said Joe Holoubek, Product Manager, Ag Leader Technology. “Guidance lines from the planting tractor to the sprayer and coverage maps from one combine to another, are only a few examples of how the immediate exchange of data will help growers maximize productivity,” Holoubek added.

Farms running more than one combine, planter or other machine can now be completely in-tune with what is happening in each implement. Sharing variety maps from the planter’s display to the combine during harvest makes data readily available without flash drives and desktop software.

“Complete connectivity between the precision tools that make growers more efficient and profitable is our vision, and AgFiniti and InCommand displays are the foundation. The duo has unlimited possibilities, and DisplayCast is just the beginning,” said Holoubek.

InCommand’s new DisplayCast feature will make its debut at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa and will be available to order in December 2016.