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InCommand v6.2 Is Available!

by Feb 11, 2021Ag Leader, DirectCommand®, Displays, SeedCommand®

Performance Check

Validate the meter and delivery tube accuracy without being in the field or using a separate test stand. Simply set ground speed and population and confirm performance by running a performance check before hitting the field.

Third rate group for Seed Rows unlock

Add a third non-zero rate group in Seed Rows in order to plant at various rates across the planter.

Downforce settings visible from InCommand 1200 run screen

Hydraulic downforce is now visible on the run screen so the settings can easily be changed on the go if needed.

Improved DisplayCast speed and performance

As data and connectivity become necessary to make rapid decisions on farms throughout the world, DisplayCast is evolving to match the pace. Display-to-display syncing along with features like live stats, live maps, and CartACE, will see improved speed and performance by syncing only new information.

InCommand version 6.2 brings the following to DisplayCast:
  • Decrease in-field data usage by 50% or more*
  • Reduce sync times for events, guidance lines, and management items
  • Improve display performance

*Data usage will vary. Initial sync should still be performed on a non-cellular unlimited data source. Data usage should be monitored before adjusting your data plan. Please review DisplayCast Best Practices 


InCommand Display ISOBUS Enhancements

  • TC Support for TC-GEO Ex9 devices that can have independent rates across a single boom or swath, which provides separate rates for left spinner/right spinner, left boom/right boom.
  • Support for multiple seeding channels to allow multiple planting product types for each channel (limited to 1 per crop type).
  • Ability to set unknown channel type to seeding.

InCommand Tramline Enhancements

A new preview window allows users of tramlines to better build out and preview where tramlines are laid out. New is the ability to make the first pass half the width to better accommodate varying implement sizes.

Download v6.2 Firmware here!