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International Perspectives: Ag Leader Attends Global Ag Innovations Event

by Mar 17, 2015International Perspectives

This is the second year that Ag Leader has contributed at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
At the GFIA, leading manufacturers and suppliers of agriculture related products with high level of innovation gathered for a conference. The conference included many presentations, and round table meetings.


The opening session was welcomed by honored speakers, such as HRH Prince Charles from the UK, and John Kerry, US secretary of State. More Royals and Sheikhs, ministers of Agriculture from various countries and representatives of the Food and Ag Organization of the United Nations and World Bank attended. In total, 102 countries were represented to discuss sustainability, in combination with feeding the growing population of the globe.

As the GFIA is organized in Abu Dhabi, the focus was also on agriculture in areas with a shortage of water, as almost 50% of the globe is confronted with a water shortage problem. Ag Leader can play a leading role in controlling these issues with steering products, implement control and farm management. In respect of this, Ag Leader showed the new receivers, OptRx® Crop Sensors, and SMS™ software for data management. Additionally, AgFiniti cloud-based platform turned out to be of great interest for the remote service and control of the new farms. Of course, the strong position Ag Leader shows in implement control through ISOBus connectivity was also highlighted.

New farms in Africa have to be considered, as many pivots are 60 Hectares each. Some projects start with as many as 250 pivots, to grow to a set of over 500 pivots, resulting in a farm of about 500 x 60 = 30,000 Hectares, or more. For farms of this size, good management is key.


Ag Leader's Paul Rose speaking to an Honorable Excellency


Ag Leader's booth was seen from the main entrance and the theatre