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International Perspectives: Ag Leader Europe Welcomes New Employee

by May 8, 2013Ag Leader, International Perspectives

Ag Leader Europe welcomes Anita Van Iperen as the new office administrative assistant. At home, the Van Iperen’s run a 40 hectare family owned farm near the Ag Leader office. The family has pigs and produce mostly potatoes and sugar beets and some wheat and corn.  Their sugar beets, especially, score extremely high in the quality scores. The sugar content is one of the highest in Holland.


Anita earned a bachelors degree in Laboratory Technologies at the International Agricultural College Larenstein at Wageningen, with the Specialization in Biochemistry / Microbiology. Anita has been working for 15 years and her longest contract was at a wholesale trade company for laboratory equipment and chemicals. Mainly doing sales work, but also in purchasing bulk chemicals. Anita’s experience is in customer management in a CRM system, contacts with logistics partners and working with field service supports. Also general marketing support activities, including preparing price settings and product promotion. Anita has experience in sales and customer services, order intake and dispatching. This also includes RMA’s and updating Key Performance Indicators, sales reports. She likes to help customers in ways that are best for both parties.

Working with and for people, assisting, advising and helping them and delivering a proper product is what Anita likes most. She also enjoys troubleshooting when necessary, always keeping the customer as satisfied as possible.

In the past Anita had many contacts with logistic companies. Searching for the best carrier against the best price is a very hot item these days, and very interesting for Ag Leader too. I think these qualities are reason enough to welcome Anita on board.