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International Perspectives: Ag Leader Visits Abu Dhabi

by Feb 25, 2014Ag Leader, International Perspectives

Ag Leader EMEA office participated the Global Forum for Innovative Agriculture (GFIA) in Abu Dhabi, February 2014.


For the very first time the GFIA was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. The forum included several presentations, and smaller power meetings as well as small, almost private, round table meetings.

There were over 150 speakers at this innovations focused event. Ag Leader presented the latest features of precision farming equipment for the Middle East and Africa.


The Middle Eastern countries typically invest heavily in agriculture and own land. There are many hectares aquired in Africa. The future of the Middle Eastern countries only can be assured if in the future the inhabitants have their own food supplies. In fact, this is a major topic around the world.

There are currently 7 billion mouths to feed, and that number is quickly growing. The challenge to feed more and more mouths gets greater, fertilizers are getting more expensive and water will become as valuable as gold in desert areas where agriculture will be introduced. This is a major reason precision farming is needed, and Ag Leader can play a key role.


The GFIA had over 3,200 participants from 62 countries. During the event 150 innovations were launched. Over 20 official government delegations visited the booths of nearly 100 exhibitors, one of which was Ag Leader.

Ag Leader turned out to be of great interest to farmers in the Emirates and Africa. Ag Leader featured guidance and steering products and SMS™ Software. AgFiniti combined with SMS, piqued the interest of many attendees, especially those visiting from Africa.

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