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Internships: The Crucial Part of a Successful College Career

by Sep 26, 2011Ag Leader

This summer, the Marketing department at Ag Leader was lucky enough to have Kelsey Staten be a part of our team as an intern. We asked Kelsey to share some thoughts about her experience; below is what she had to say.


As a student in Advertising at Iowa State University, an internship is required prior to graduation. While this may sound intimidating at first, I quickly learned what a beneficial and significant experience an internship truly is. Nothing you learn in the classroom can prepare you for life after college like an internship can. Internships provide you with real world experience and help you to determine what types of jobs you would like to do after graduation. To say that an internship is important would be an understatement; an internship is crucial! As a junior, I was originally drawn to the Ag Leader Marketing Communications internship because I had heard what an innovative and up and coming company they were. After a little research, their use of social media began to intrigue me and was essentially what sparked my interest and made me apply.

From Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to the Precision Point Blog— it was apparent to me that Ag Leader was social media savvy. I did not know much about the industry, but I decided I wanted to challenge myself to learn something completely new, which is exactly what I did. Since starting my internship in May, I have become familiar with an industry that I once knew nothing about, met a group of extremely knowledgeable people, and learned just how exactly the Ag Leader Marketing Department works. From social media contests to video production, I was able to take part in a wide variety of marketing activities that I would have never had the chance to be a part of at a larger company. It has been great to feel like part of the group, instead of the typical “intern feeling” that most interns get at their internships. I am very thankful for my summer internship opportunity here at Ag Leader and I look forward to working part-time this fall as I finish up my senior year.