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Is there a land leveling solution that works with Ag Leader® displays?

by Jan 9, 2024Ag Leader, Blog, Displays, Water Management

There is! Homburg Holland’s SmartLEVEL system is an easily accessible and dependable solution for customers who own an Ag Leader display and need land leveling capabilities.  


Homburg Holland is a technology company and distributor of many ag brands in Holland. The company has created, developed, and marketed a line called SmartSOLUTIONS – ISOBUS controllers that fit many of its customers’ needs

We spoke with two Ag Leader dealers who carry the SmartLEVEL solution to find out how this system is performing and what their customers like best. Barry Bewley (BB) is withCropIMS in Illinois/Wisconsin. Darren Deguara (DD) is with DMD Ag Solutions in Australia.





How has the Homburg Holland solution been working out for your customers? 


BB: Excellent. Our customers really like the fact that the system is easy to set up and operate versus other competitive systems. It’s as simple as establishing a base point and direction of operation and then entering your desired slope and you’re off and running. It’s not a complicated process at all. 


DD: Great! The customers we have sold systems to are very happy with the performance. We recommend running with GPS and GLONASS satellites with the base in the field, which gives better accuracy and precision on the bucket. 

Which parts do you need to install the complete system? 

BB: U.S. growers need an ISOBUS-capable display like the Ag Leader InCommand, a GPS receiver with RTK unlocked (e.g., Ag Leader GPS 7500), and the SmartLEVEL Controller from Homburg Holland. If the dirt mover doesn’t already have one, a PWM controlled hydraulic valve may also be necessary.

DD: They would need the Homburg SmartLEVEL controller kit with a GPS 6500/7500 plug. Then they would need an ISO CAN adapter where we plug into the IBBC plug on the tractor back to the Ag Leader display.  

What do your customers seem to like best about the system? 

BB: The ease of use is still it’s best feature.  By ease of use I mean that it’s a leveling system built for farm use rather than for the construction/heavy equipment/professional land leveling business. It’s as simple as establishing a working heading, which would be essentially the same as an A-B line, setting the desired slope for the main heading along with the desired slope 45 degrees to the left and right of the main heading. Homburg Holland effectively eliminated the need to be a trained expert to operate the system, which works well for the ag industry. 

DD: We enjoy that we have an option with Ag Leader for bucket control, and its ease of use is very basic. 

To find a SmartLEVEL dealer or distributor, visit For more information on Homburg Holland’s complete SmartSOLUTIONS line, you can download their product brochure here: 

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