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Is your sprayer due for an upgrade?

May 25, 2023Ag Leader, DirectCommand®, News & Announcements

What precision farming technology do you think has the biggest impact on your crops?

The most common response might be the planter, and you’re not wrong. Seed placement is crucial to the success of your crop. However, after placing the seed, many other external factors can affect its performance like weather, pests, availability of nutrients, and more. 

You will often make more passes through the field with your sprayer than any other machine on the farm to control those external factors. And the operator’s job is difficult and extremely important — especially when input costs are high. Now is the time to consider upgrading your sprayer with RightSpot™ to make the job easier and more effective.

The RightSpot difference  

Nozzle-by-nozzle control for your sprayer, RightSpot offers five key benefits over traditional sprayer technology.

  1. Flow rate and pressure are controlled independently, allowing for a consistent rate across a variety of conditions.
  2. Consistent coverage is achieved across the entire field through nozzle-by-nozzle technology.
  3. Overapplication and product waste is reduced by automatically turning the applicator on/off based on field boundaries and already-applied areas as it passes over the field.
  4. Turn compensation allows consistent coverage on both the inner and outer portions of the boom.
  5. Visibility inside and outside the cab and year-round control is increased with the InCommand 1200 display.

We also offer liquid application systems that provide section control and ISOBUS control.  

Is my sprayer compatible?  

We currently support most of the major brands of sprayers, including pull-types. Don’t see your sprayer listed? We continue to add models, so keep checking back.

RightSpot in the field
An Ag Leader employee and a RightSpot field tester
check crop progress.

Up to 2006:
864, 874, 1064, 1074, 1264, 1274

8XX, 8XXSS, 10XX, 10XXSSC, 12XX

9XX, 11XX, 13XX, 22XX

B Series

C Series

700, 700B

854, 1054, 1254


10 Series

20 Series

30 Series

40 Series

50 Series


John Deere

4X00, 4X10

4630, 4720, 4730, 4830

4920, 4930, 4940


STS 10, 12, 14, 16

DTS 254, 284, 284XP, 2100


DTS 10

Case IH

Patriot 3X30, 3X40, 4X40

Patriot 2250, 3240, 3340, 4440

Trident 5550

Up to 2010:
SPX/Patriot 3150, 3200, 3310, 3320, 4410, 4260

SPX/Patriot 4420

Up to 2008:
SPX/Patriot 3185

What does it cost?   

Cost will vary depending on the make, model, and size of your boom. For example, adding RightSpot to a Hagie STS sprayer with a 90-foot boom and 15-inch spacing will range from $32,000 to $35,000. That is up to SIX times less than what it would cost to buy a brand new sprayer.

How can you get RightSpot?  

Contact your local Ag Leader dealer to order RightSpot today! You can also fill out the form below, and Ag Leader will connect you with a dealer in your area.

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