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InCommand: So Simple Dad Can Teach You!

by Jun 21, 2017Ag Leader, AgFiniti®, Displays

By now, many of you have seen our national ad campaign, in which we playfully explain our InCommand™ displays are “So Simple Dad Can Teach You.” 

In response, we’ve heard everything from believers who say, “True, my dad still owns a flip phone but he sure loves his InCommand display,” to skeptics saying, “I’d like to see him try it. My dad won’t even consider precision technology because he thinks it’s complicated.”

No matter where you are at on the technology (or age) spectrum, the point is, you’ve gotta try it for yourself. Yes, we’re biased and extremely proud of the InCommand displays, but that’s because we’ve heard over and over from customers, “you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you get your hands on this display!”

Want to see for yourself? Call your local Ag Leader dealer and ask for a test run. Or stop by the Ag Leader booth at a farm show this summer to play around with one. You might be surprised just how simple (and cool) it really is!

Plus, don’t miss great, limited-time deals on an InCommand and SteerCommand!