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I’ve Collected Data All Year….Now What?

by Sep 13, 2012SMS™ Software

For many of us, harvest is either fast approaching or it’s already complete. It’s time to look forward to next year and hope for a little more kindness from Mother Nature!  Regardless of the growing conditions you had this year, there is always something that can be learned from analyzing all the data you collected.  One of the most common question we get here at Ag Leader is “Now that I’ve recorded all this data, what should I do with it?”

Our goal is to help you make the most of your data by getting you comfortable with all of the powerful tools in the SMS Desktop Software.  To help you along the way you’ve got access to our dedicated team of SMS Software Support Specialists by phone and email and also a full line up of winter trainings that have just recently been released.  Whether you’re a brand new user with nothing but questions, or a seasoned pro and just need to fine-tune some of you’re skills, we’ve got a training session that will fit your needs. {image1}

We have classroom based trainings scheduled all across the U.S. for SMS Basic, SMS Advanced and SMS Mobile where we provide everything from the computer to the manual, and all you have to do is show up with your questions.  If you’re a little more pressed for time and don’t have a full day to devote to training, we also offer 90 minute online classes on Thursdays that will cover one specific topic. 

Brand new to the SMS Software?  Then I would recommend joining one of our three free monthly webinars that are a great way to get acquainted with all the tools in the SMS Basic, Advanced and Mobile software packages.

Already a power user of SMS Advanced and want to take your knowledge to the next level?  If so, consider joining us in Ames for one of our SMS Certified classes.

Regardless of your knowledge level and schedule, we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to start getting the most out of your recorded data.  To learn more details or to view a complete listing of all trainings please visit: