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Ag Leader Planter Precision
SeedCommand® and InCommand®

You don’t need a new planter– just powerful planting tools to unlock your planter’s potential.




Planting solutions to upgrade your existing Planter into a profit-making machine.


Precise Seed Placement

SureSpeed® integrated seed metering and delivery system provides maximized singulation and the lowest seed delivery point in the industry for precise seed placement at any speed up to 12 mph.



Superior Seed Savings

Low-maintenance, easy-to-install SureStop clutches provide individual row section control to increase productivity and seed savings.



Consistent Planting Depth

Instantly apply or remove force with SureForce to adjust to changing ground conditions for consistent planting depth.



Ideal Seed Population

Individual row section control with SureDrive electric drives, plus the added benefits of turn compensation and the ability to plant utilizing variable rate prescriptions—all while being maintenance-free!

You have one chance to plant it.
Plant it Precisely with Ag Leader InCommand 1200

InCommand® 1200


Easily identify planter performance issues before they cost you yield in the field.

InCommand 1200 provides a window into your planter’s performance. You can view individual row details with side-by-side planting performance maps.  

Additionally, InCommand displays help farmers stay connected by instantly sharing live maps, auto-swath coverage, guidance lines, and more with other displays. You can view live or historical field maps and summaries from your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

With InCommand 1200, you get year-round efficient machine control plus instant information to simplify crucial planting decisions that impact your yield and profitability. See vital information cab to help you manage machine functionality and react on-the-go to changing field conditions. Plus, take your field data and maps with you on your tablet when you leave the cab.




Precision farming isn’t about spending endless hours crunching numbers and analyzing data. It’s about answering questions that can make you more profitable. That’s the simple idea behind Ag Leader’s easy-to-use planter tools and industry-leading data management system.

Why Ag Leader?   

“The technology has made our planter a BETTER planter! Plus it saves time and wear and tear on the tractor. Singulation is much better than the previous year. We hit the population we set, which is 33,500 for corn and 140,000 for beans on 30-inch rows. The time-savings and less wear on the tractor is where the efficiency really kicked in.”


“Our dealership in Iowa serves growers that work in no-till and cover crops. Downforce is crucial for uniform germination and emergence when planting in these conditions. It’s why SureForce is the number one product our growers want. Once growers see SureForce in action, it sells itself and pays for itself with big returns”.  

Jerry Gorman

J & S Precision Ag Plus, Iowa

“I only get one chance to plant a crop each year. If I don’t get the crop planted properly and off to a good start, then I’ve already lost yield potential. Investing in planter improvements like SureDrive has always paid dividends because of that. It makes a lot more sense to me to improve my planter than trade tractors or other equipment, especially when prices are low.” 

Adam Gittins

Farmer, Neola, Iowa

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