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Learn something new at Winter training 2015

by Nov 4, 2014Ag Leader, Training & Support

Fall is always a beautiful time of the year as the leaves are changing, temperatures cool, and the rural areas come alive with equipment in the fields.  However this fall has not been like the picturesque scene I just described.  Fall has been very wet this year in the Midwestern U.S. which has slowed progress in the fields.  But as always, farmers and Ag Leader dealers alike will get the job done!

As fall field work progresses and we head towards winter it is time to start thinking about Ag Leader Training again!  The training season begins in January and will end in March.  The dealer training schedule will be released on November 3, 2014 with enrollments beginning November 17, 2014. 

The New Employee Bundle offerings have been increased from Summer 2014‘s single offering to three offerings in Winter 2015.  The New Employee Bundle allows dealers to streamline the on-boarding process of new employees.  Dealers can send new employees for one week of training that exposes them to all of the Ag Leader product lines and gives them hands-on technical experience.

For our customers, another great resource is Ag Leader’s YouTube tutorial pages.  These short videos walk through basic operations on your Ag Leader Integra, Versa, and Compass displays ranging from building configurations to running harvest calibrations.  With the use of smart phones today, YouTube can be easily accessed right from the machine while in the field!  Here at the Ag Leader Academy we have been working to keep new tutorials coming so you can get help whenever and wherever you need it!

Dealers, be on the lookout for the SMS 100 online course coming in January 2015.  This course will be an introduction to the data management software and cloud based solution offered by Ag Leader.  Everyone stay safe while working in the fields and we hope to see you this winter at the Ag Leader Academy!