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Learning Together to Develop Best Practices

by Jan 8, 2019Agronomically Speaking

The agronomy team at Ag Leader spends time in the field learning about the real world application of current and future products to equip our team and educate current and future customers about the agronomic benefits of using advanced technology such as planter or application controls.

The team works across various cooperators, crops, and geographies. In 2018, one such cooperator was InformedAg LLC based out of Auburn, AL. Our team worked with InformedAg to place trials at the business’ private research farm near Parrot, GA. A research protocol provides consistency across all of our field trials and serves as a basic how-to guide for the cooperator. Key observations that need to be collected or recorded are also listed on this document. Throughout the season the cooperator and agronomy team both reference protocol to ensure the research is mutually successful.

After collecting and summarizing all of the information collected from the trial, our team works to develop Best Practices. A Best Practice statement combines learnings from observed data from properly conducted research with practical field experience and product knowledge. Our long-term goal is to provide common-sense recommendations focused on Ag Leader products, yet specific to the farming practices and crops local to our existing and future customers. We believe a farmer in Alabama or California shouldn’t have to depend on studies done exclusively in Illinois or Indiana. The future of agriculture is bright when we can establish conduits to learn together. Relationships extended from our home office in Ames, IA and built on the local farm will be a key part of continued growth.

Field flagged for various trials
Planter outfitted with Ag Leader SeedCommand® technology