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Looking for a More Efficient Planting Season? Look No Further than AgFiniti.

by Mar 26, 2015Ag Leader, AgFiniti®

Spring brings much excitement to the farm gate. Grass is turning green, trees are starting to bloom, and of course, farmers are preparing their equipment to turn over the first shovel of dirt for the year. All of this excitement can sometimes be overshadowed by the stress of planting. Am I going to get everything planted on time? Is that rain cloud coming this way? Is my equipment going to work right? Why worry so much…?

There are tools out there to help you lower your stress level and ultimately make your operation more efficient; AgFiniti is one of them. Leverage the tools within AgFiniti to make sure your spring goes off without a hitch.

Don’t make your own planter or seeder prescriptions? Have your trusted advisor send them to you wirelessly and load them onto your display instantly, saving your valuable time.

Easily share your setup files between your displays to ensure everyone is on the same page, making for easier data management later in the year.
Send guidance lines and field boundaries wirelessly to other displays, reducing the hassle of chasing down USB sticks.

At the end of the day, send your as-applied application and planter maps back to the office or right to your data management advisor. This ensures your data is safe and secure in the cloud, not rolling around in the cup holder of your truck.

Looking for more ways to make your operation more efficient? Stay tuned for part 2 of this 2 part series.
If you have any questions on how AgFiniti can benefit your operation, give us a call at 515-232-5363.